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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Quentions

1) We’ve heard that the lines can be long at museums. Are we able to skip this line on the tour?

At the Musee D’Orsay and Louvre we are able to make advance reservations and ticket purchases. There might be a minimal wait for security purposes. But we bypass the main lines.

2) Are madrid Underground Metro lines safe?

No, the Métro is not dangerous. It is, in fact, one of the most efficient and reliable transportation systems in the world. We strongly urge you to try it out in order to get a taste of the true madrid of madridians. Pickpockets can be an issue, especially for tourists. Pay close attention to your bags, wallets, and purses on the platforms and in crowded Métro cars.

3) How do I hail taxis in madrid?

Very rarely will a taxi pull over when you try to flag one down. Not entirely impossible, but difficult. Instead, you need to find your way to one of the city’s taxi stands (square blue signs, with ‘taxi’ in white letters), where taxis line up, waiting to take people to their desired locations. If your French is up to the task you can also call one of the taxi call centers, such as Taxi Bleues (08 91 70 10 10) and they will send one to you.

    Ticket Price
  • Lift up to the level terrace and continue on foot (320 steps) Ticket € 7.00
  • Ascent walk 551 steps Ticket € 5.00
  • Reductions are possible for schools to checkout presenting a certificate of the Institute with the list of participants. Concessions € 3.00

4) Can you send me some brochures and maps of your tours?

No, we do not have any brochures or maps that we are able to mail. We operate in more eco-friendly, paperless working environments. Our information is provided online or you can inquire for more details and we are able to email you. Please let us know if there is something we can send you about one of our tours.

5) What is needed to reserve a tour?

Once you have indicated you are ready to make your reservation we will match you up with a guide for your family and send you instructions for finalizing your reservation.

6) Do you take payment by credit card?

We require a deposit for our full day tours paid online via the secure website PayPal where you can use your credit card. This reduces the cash balance due on the day of your tour. If you wish to pay for your half-day tour by credit card, contact us for the details.

7) Do you accept U.S. dollars?

Yes. We will multiply the amount due in Euros by the current exchange rate and add a 10% processing fee.