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Prado Museum Tour for kids and families

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Price can vary on season

Duration: 2.5 hours
Kids-friendly: The tour is led by a specialized guide in working with kids and families
Availability: Everyday
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Some of the greatest masterpieces of western art are housed in the world renowned “Museo del Prado”. The collection was predominantly commissioned and procured by the Spanish royal family and this 2.5 hour interactive guided Prado tour, specially designed with children in mind and with skip-the-line tickets introduces them to the delights of its marvellous collections.

This tour gives an insight into the lives of the families on display at the museum, from the Holy Family to Las Meninas. With the assistance of a guide who is well versed in working with children they are truly engaged in learning about the way art has evolved over the centuries and discovering the history behind some of the characters represented in the museum’s collections. This is the perfect educational activity in Madrid for children.

This visit to the Prado Museum is designed to arouse children’s curiosity and to stimulate their visual memory using interactive learning. They will learn about artistic techniques and mythological themes that were popular from the time of the Renaissance through to the nineteenth century. They will discover monsters and heroes and explore themes such as family units, patronage, the history of taste and fashion, the representation of girls and women in art and the very central role that animals play in a series of paintings.

This tour is child-focused and particularly appropriate for children aged between 5 and 14 year. However, adults will also be introduced to new and interesting perspectives as we decipher renowned masterpieces and little-known works in tandem. This unique tour uses teaching materials designed by ourselves and used exclusively on this tour to help explore this fantastic collection, catering for the inquiring minds of both children and adults.

Our guide has a host of stimulating activities that help to connect the works on display to the visitor’s home experiences with those on the tour. The subtle use of questioning truly makes the works come alive and opens up the children’s minds to the world of art. By the end of this wonderful experience each little “menina” or prince will hopefully take with then an appreciation of art and a wish to discover more.

We are able to customise all of our kid’s tours to your particular family’s needs. Please contact us for more details.


The tour can be a 2.5 hours or 3.5 hours walking tour (depending on how much time you want to spend with your guide and which are the monuments you do not want to miss!)

Jason P., Sydney, Asustralia
1 reviews

We have 4 kids who are all now interested in art. Our guide was really personable and made the tour very compelling for the children and for us. It would otherwise have been a long 3 hours for them but they couldn't get enough! The tour was only meant to be 2 hours but our guide loved what she did so continued.